Return on Investment

(ROI) New equipment runs more efficiently, reduces maintenance, fuel and operating costs. Depending on your operation model it may generate new revenues.

Specialty Vehicles

We can help you obtain a typically hard-to-get specialty vehicle, probably in record time, utilizing our network of contacts and our extensive purchasing power. Isn’t it time you had a partner with that kind of clout?


FirstCare will work with you to procure repossessed, used, or off lease vehicles from our large customer and dealer network.

Inflation Protection

Generally, when replacing obsolete vehicles and equipment with cutting-edge replacements you increase utilization, efficiency, market share and you won’t be left with a fleet of obsolete equipment with little or NO residual value.


We know what you are thinking. And we are here to change your mind. Our unique program revolutionizes the purchasing process. An honest, straightforward manner for you to procure vehicles and or equipment without hidden costs or disappointments.

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